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About the cookie factory "Borzna"

Cookie factory "Borzna" is well known throughout Ukraine.
History of "Borzna" begins from 1939. Then was created the factory,
which included the mill and the bakery. The main products of factory were bread, bagels, flour, bluckwheat.
In the post-war years two manufactories were built.
Life was going on and the assortment was getting broader. Gradually, the factory has began producing of candies, smoked sausages, various drinks, and it was renamed to ware goods factory.

The Oat cookies manufactury with the powerful tunnel furnace was introduced in 1984.
There was a very big demand among consumers on the new production from the first days.
Other manufactories were used to produce dry cakes and many kinds of pancake flour.
In the end of the 90-s ware goods factory changed it`s form of ownership and changed it`s name to "Borzna" cookie factory" ltd.
When the main course of production was changed to production of confectionary, the leadership of the factory reconstructed it, completed industrial placements, bought a modern european and domestic equipment, introduced new confectionary technologies.

The factory produces a big production assortment:
various cookies (buttery, sugar, biscuit, leaf, in chocolate coating, in white coating), butter and sugar gingerbreads, rusks and bagels, cupcakes, muffins, marmalade, marshmallows, crackers, croissants, candies, chocolate, cakes.

For today factory produces more than 370 confectionary products and a collective of technologists continues to develop new products and invent new company denominations.

Thanks to it, the cookie factory is famous throughout Ukraine and the production sells well. The production is determined by good taste properties and is produced only from natural raw.

Regional degustation comission of the state center of the standartization of the metrology and certification sets to the "Borzna"'s production, that is regulary supplied to degustation, only the highest ratings.
Our food specialists and confectioners want to please consumers by the original and qualitative production.